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From the vibrant city of Melbourne emerges Ivofonic, the musical brainchild of indie-artist and music producer, Ivano Abram. Journeying beyond the traditional realms of electronic music, Ivofonic fuses elements from electro-pop, EDM, house to trip-hop, and synth-pop. With expertise spanning guitar, bass, synthesisers, keyboards, drum machines and sampling, with the addition of his deep lyrics, Ivofonic offers a diverse sonic palette that challenges, inspires, and resonates.

Ivofonic’s music is more than just sound – it’s a reflection of life’s experiences and the emotions they evoke engaging with the listeners in a deeply personal way. Ivofonic has continually evolved, pushing the boundaries of electronic music.

His collaborations with esteemed Australian indie electronic artists like The Safety Word, Robodop Snei, James Peden, and Increment further solidify his standing in the indie-electronic community.

Now introducing his latest work, “Glimpses,” Ivofonic invites listeners to embark on a cosmic voyage, exploring the fleeting yet impactful moments that define our human experience.


  • TITLE: Glimpses
  • ARTIST: Ivofonic
  • GENRE: Electronic/Alternative
  • SUB GENRES & INFLUENCES: EDM, Electro Pop, Synth Pop, House, Big Beat, Dub House, Trip Hop
  • TRACK LIST: Glimpses, Sunset, Same Old, Vertex, Sphere, Broken, Odds, Ipse


Written, produced, and mixed by Ivano Abram
Mastering Engineer: Allan Klinbail at Steam Mastering
Lyrics: Ivano Abram
Ivano Abram is synthesisers, keyboards, guitar, bass, drum machine, sampler, vocals


06/10/2023 – Full Album – Bandcamp – Link

06/10/2023 – Glimpses (single) – All Platforms – Link

13/10/2023 – Glimpses (Music Video) – YouTube – Link

27/10/2023 – Sunset (single) – All Platforms – Link

17/11/2023 – Same Old (single) – All Platforms – Link

01/12/2023 – Vertex (single) – All Platforms – Link

15/12/2023 – Full Album – All Platforms

22/12/2023 – Same Old (Music Video) – YouTube

Jan 2024 (TBC )- Vertex Music Video – YouTube

Jan/Feb 2024 (TBC) – Sunset Music Video – YouTube


Glimpses isn’t merely an album; it’s a cosmic journey. At its core, the album draws on the profound realisation that our existence, as vast and intricate as it might seem, is but a fleeting moment when set against the backdrop of the universe’s age. With this perspective in mind, each track offers a unique exploration into the moments that shape us, both significant and small. The very experiences that leave an indelible mark on our psyche, carving out who we are and who we become.


1. Glimpses: An instrumental manifesto for the album, exploring the vastness of time with heavy bass and hypnotic synth

2. Sunset: An energetic dance anthem celebrating the Sun, the life-giving celestial body that signifies both our beginnings and inevitable ends.

3. Same Old: A rhythmic and distorted exploration into the recurring patterns of history, underlining how these cycles limit our potential for true emancipation.

4. Vertex: Focusing on the mind as the pinnacle of the human body and the seat of our consciousness, this track navigates through the subjective realities we perceive through our own eyes.

5. Sphere: An explosive sonic groove that challenges the boundaries of your comfort zone and extends into the interconnected unity of all existence.

6. Broken: Instrumental fragments of melodies as metaphors for vulnerability and the healing process, capturing the fragmented yet transformative nature of life’s challenges.

7. Odds: Music and lyrics paint the unpredictable course of life, and how seemingly trivial choices can profoundly alter our journey’s landscape.

8. Ipse: Named after the Latin word for “self,” this deeply introspective track delves into personal identity, growth, and the countless experiences that contribute to our unique individuality.

– Victor Matheus, Indieoclock


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